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  • Speedy Hair Color Conditioner 884 Natural Brown 1box

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    【Bigen Speedy Hair Color Conditioner 884 Natural Brown 1box】

    Bigen colour conditioner is a very popular local hair-dyeing product, excellent for darkening grey hair to meet your needs. You can gradually or immediately darken your hair, making it suitable for all age groups. The dyeing material is stable so it can last for a long period of time. The detail and clear instructions allows user to have a simple dyeing experience. Most importantly, it is odourless and will not cause allergy.

    ● Moderate Darkening: Grey hair can turn black in 5 minutes.
    ● Gradual darkening: Grey hair can be gradually darkened through repeated applications with colouring time of 2-3 minutes.
    ● Perfect Darkening: Grey hair will perfectly turn black in 10-15 minutes.

    How To Use:
    Squeeze appropriate amount of each condition on the comb, with ratio of 1:1. Starting to dye hair with comb from position of 2cm away from the hair skin. Stay for a few minutes and then rinse with clean water.