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  • Damage Care Shampoo 500ml

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    【RYO Damage Care Shampoo 500ml】

    The Damage Care shampoo includes nature-derived protein concentration. The shampoo helps making thin and damaged hair stronger and more beautiful, focus caring of hot dyeing and severely damaged hair from internally and externally, awakening smooth and shiny hair. It deeply nourishes and repairs hair and scalp, bringing smoothness and radiance to hair. It contains a blend of Korean formula herbal medicine like rehmanniae, ginseng, green tea, black beans and polygonum multiflorum, etc. It improves scalp blood circulation, repairs hair and strengthens easy-to-break weak hair. It restores vitality and radiance to hair. Suitable for damaged hair because of dying and curling.

    The ham bit mo which apple traditional herbal processing method, increase the effectiveness of the raw material. The ham bit mo prescription has 3 steps which are
    1. Hair protection
    2. Damaged hair strengthening
    3. Hair glossy coating

    In order to increase hair strength, reduce hair tangles and static.
    • Fermented camellia oil give intense treatment for damaged hair for silky shinny hair.
    • Double care system to give moisture to inside and shinny coat outside.
    • Ginseng extract give energy to hair, pine leaf extract give clean scalp.
    • Damage care, herbal shampoo, gloss, strengthen hair, clear scalp, hair care


  • Jeju Camellia Oil: It gives intense treatment for damaged hair for silky shinny hair
  • Ginseng: It gives energy to hair

    How To Use:
    Wet hair thoroughly, gently lathers and massage hair and scalp for 30 seconds, leave on hair for 30 seconds and rinse out.