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  • Prime Renewing Pack 50ml

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    Valmont Prime Renewing Pack (50ml)

    Formulated with Triple DNA, Lipsome RNA, precious essence and moisturizing ingredients, this mask is nourishing. Skin appears radiant, the complexion smoothed, wrinkles diminished and texture refined.

    Product features:
    • The technology of Triple DNA and Lipsome RNA help improve the absorption of skin while effectively repairing and tightening skin for a delicate and youthful complexion!
    • Combination of Tripeptides, Acetyl Tetrapeptide5 and precious essence can strengthen skin barrier and enhance the skin's self-repairing ability. Stabilizes the skin, leaving skin firm and supple.
    • Enriched with L-mentholic acid and moisturizing ingredients, it helps restore moisture of skin to soothe the discomfort of dryness, keeping skin moist and tender.

    • Triple DNA and Lipsome RNA technology: multiplying the absorption, tightening, repairing and smoothing skin
    • Tripeptides, Acetyl Tetrapeptide5 and precious essence: strengthening skin barrier and stabilizing skin
    • L-mentholic acid and moisturizing ingredients: restoring moisture in skin and hydrating