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  • INNISFREE Capsule Recipe Pack Green Tea 10ml

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    Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack, Green Tea (10ml)

    Travel-friendly mini pack containing botanical extracts and hydrating ingredients to improve skin dehydration, skin is energised and smoothed with abundance of moisture.

    Product Features:
    • Hydrating : Formulated with botanical extract water, its plenty of polyphenol balances water-oil and reduces pores, leaving skin clear and fresh. Double hydrating ingredients moisturise skin and retain moisture to fight fatigue.
    • Protecting : Ulmus davidiana root extract aids the forming of protective film to guard against environmental aggressions and hydrate skin.
    • Convenient : Hygienic and independent pack is handy for travel. Resealable capsules can be used twice. Sherbet-like texture is clear and easily spread, providing a comfort with a fresh scent.

    • Botanical Extract Water:Balancing water oil, reducing pores
    • Double Hydrating Ingredient: Nourishing, hydrating
    • Ulmus Davidiana Root Extract : Protecting from aggression

    How to use:
    Use 2 to 3 times a week. Increase the number of use when skin is very dry. Applicable to neck.
    Use after cleansing and skincare routine before bed. Take an appropriate amount (approximately 2.5cm in diameter), dab on nose, cheeks, forehead and chin; wait for 3 seconds to inhale the soothing scent. Spread from inner to outer face following face lines, rinse the following morning.