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  • Skin Conditioner 500ml

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    【I-Mju HATOMUGI Hatomugi Skin Conditioner 500ml】

    I-mju Hatomugi Skin Conditioner enhances the permeability of your skincare and thus enhancing the effectiveness of your skincare. It is specially formulated to target various kinds of skin problems, such as loosen pores, fine lines and skin aging. It contains adlay which is enriched with Vitamin B1 and B2 help clear acnes and improve the problem of uneven skin tone.

    It can be used as toner to balance skin’s acidity, smoothen skin, enhance skin’s elasticity and moisturize skin for all day long.

    In addition, there are several usage of Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner and it will become the must have skin care item for all seasons.


    • Adlay Extracts: Whiten skin, moisturize and lock in skin’s moisture < li >Coixenolide: Improve skin’s metabolism, smoothen skin < li >Coixol: Prevent he formation of melanin, nourish skin

    How To Use:
    • As toner: Apply with cotton pads on a cleansed face.
    • As mask: Soak 4 cotton pads with lotion and leave on face for 3 mins.
    • As body care: Apply on skin after bathing.