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  • Kao
  • Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask - Chamomile 5pcs

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    Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask - Chamomile (5PCS)

    Comfortable warm steam helps you to relieve eye fatigue while effectively releasing the tension of the day. Instantly brighten your eyes!

    Product Features:
    • Long-lasting: 40°C steam heat lasts for 20 minutes, gently enveloping your eyes.
    • Relaxing: relax strained eyes and ease away tensions to soothe your stressful moods with refreshing jasmine scent!
    • Suitable for different postures and occasions: it is good for business trips, work overtime, and trouble in falling asleep. It is good as a daily eye care product.

    How to use:
    Remove the eye mask from the pouch, then place ear straps around the ears and close your eyes.