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  • SANA
  • Cleansing Wash (V2) 150g

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    【SANA Cleansing Wash (V2) 150g】

    SANA Soya Milk Cleansing Wash is enriched by Fermented Soya Milk Concentrate with Isoflavone, which keeps skin moist, smooth and supple. With no fragrance, colouring and mineral oil. No genetically modified soya bean is used.

    Cleansing Wash can produce rich lather to bring away makeup, dirt and dead skin cells. It keeps skin moisturized and boosts skin’s clarity.

    Fermented Soya Milk Concentrate

    How To Use:
    Take appropriate amount on wet hand. Add little water to create rich lather. Massage gently with circular motion on face. Rinse with water.