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SUISSE PROGRAMME 2223 Greatest for Him 3pcs

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Suisse Programme 2223 Greatest for Him (3pcs)

Providing daily care for Men, this set of 3 is simple and straight, replenishing moisture and balancing skin complexion instantly for a charming appearance.

The set contains:
Men's Daily Facial Cleansing Gel (150ml)

A daily gel-like cleanser with antibacterial and cleansing properties to avoid the formation of acne and blemishes. It eliminates impurities and excess sebum and prepares skin for subsequent skincare.

Men's Cellular Boosting Solution (100ml)

Enriched with anti-aging BCC+ and nourishing ingredients, this solution instantly hydrates and revitalizes skin. Through a simple step, it is able to provide the activating, purifying, moisturizing and multiple repair to the skin effectively. This solution is with fresh and non-greasy texture. Apply it after toning, it brings uniform skin and full of youthful vigor.

Men's Active Moisturizing Emulsion (30ml)

A light and comforting emulsion with energizing, anti-radical and moisturizing properties enriched with vitamin A, C & E. It helps restore the skin’s vitality and smoothness, leaving the skin smoother, softer, and more resilient. It also fights against the signs of aging, helps restore the skin’s natural balance, and forms a protective barrier against pollution. It contains UV sun filter.

Common Ingredients:
Detoxification Formula: soothing and balancing fatigue skin