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  • KONKABAO NMN 12000 60capsules

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    Konkabao NMN 12000 (60 Capsules)

    KONKABAO NMN 12000 can enhance vitality and stimulate the growth of the body's essential coenzyme NAD+ which helps convert nutrients into energy.

    Product features:
    • NAD+ is an essential substance to keep you young and energetic. However, NAD+ cannot be restored directly by taking supplements because it is hard to be absorbed with its size. Only by supplementing NMN can improve NAD+ effectively.
    • NAD+ can stimulate and maintain the operation of Sirtuins protein, inhibit various illnesses related to age, and enhance vitality.
    • The accumulation of DNA damage is the main cause of aging, and NAD+ can repair DNA with PARP, helping you maintain a youthful state with vitality.

    • NMD: boosting the growth of NAD+ and enhancing vitality

    How to use:
    Two capsules a day.