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  • METHODE SWISS Moisture Infusion Mask 5piece

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    Méthode SWISS Moisture Infusion Mask(25ml×5pcs)

    Enriched with botanical extracts and moisturizing cocktails ingredient, this mask can nourish and hydrate skin. Lyocell mask material is used, which fits the skin perfectly and locks the essence with better absorption. .

    Product features:
    • Enriched with botanical extracts, it helps soothe, repair skin and improve skin elasticity for smooth, soft and radiant complexion.
    • "Moisturizing Cocktail" ingredient is added to help build a water reservoir and improve the skin barrier, rejuvenating for firm, elastic and beautiful skin.
    • Contains moisturizing ingredients that can retain moisture for skin and get rid of roughness and dryness, improving skin texture.
    • Lyocell mask material is skin-friendly that can fit perfectly on face and lock the essence with better absorption.

    • Botanical extracts: soothing and repairing
    • "Moisturizing Cocktail" ingredient: improving moisturizing power of skin
    • Moisturizing ingredients: hydrating and water-lock