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GATSBY Facial Wash & Paper Acne Care Set 2pcs

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Gatsby Facial Wash & Paper Acne Care Set (2PCS)

A set to help you wipe away oily dirt anytime, anywhere, eliminate grease bacteria, and keep your skin clean!

Set Contains:

Gatsby Facial Wash (130G)

Wipe away aging dead skin cells, avoid clogging pores, absorb excess oil and inhibit facial shine!

Product Features :
• Triple oil control action to prevent breakouts.
• Dual antibacterial ingredients to keep skin clean.

Gatsby Facial Paper Acne Care(42 Sheets)

The sticky skin will be instantly dry and clean, and the oil and dirt will be wiped away anytime and anywhere to eliminate oil and bacteria.

Product Features :
• Oil-absorbing powder for long-lasting oil control, leaving skin smooth and refreshed
• For acne-prone skin, gently removes bacteria from the face