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  • JAPAN GALS Fucoidan Tablet 90capsules

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    Japan Gals Fucoidan Tablet (90tablets)

    Incorporating pure Okinawa kelp and fucoidan extracted from advanced technology, immunity is boosted for energized days.

    Product Features :
    • Fucoidan is a plant polysaccharides that rich in water soluble vitamins to supply sufficient nutrients
    • The addition of kelp powder improves skin quality and boosts immunity, strengthening body and maintaining vitality.
    • Superior raw ingredients from Okinawa deep sea, nutrients is rich and its quality benefits from the clean and natural environment.
    • This tablet is versatile and suitable for feasts, lowered immunity and other occasions to strengthen body condition.

    • Fucoidan : Replenishing nutrients
    • Kelp Powder : Boosting immunity, maintaining vitality

    How to use:
    3 tablets daily