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POLA Form Shampoo 550ml

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Pola Form Shampoo (550ml)

Carefully developed formula releases hair energy, gently cleanses grease and dirt from scalp and nourishes hair roots, softening and strengthening for glossy look.

Product Features :
• Cleansing : Dirt such as dust and grease on hair is gently cleansed for a fresh and comfotrtable experience, energizing and volumising hair.
• Refreshing : Silicon-free formula and fine bubbles wrap around hair strands to reduce damage from abrasion. Without clogging pores, greasy scalp condition is improved to leave scalp and hair fresh.
• Moisturising : Containing peony flower extract, grape seed extract EX, Roman chamomile flower extract, glycosyl trehalose and other ingredients work together to deeply nourish, repair, replenishing abundant moisture and nutrients to dry hair for sily smooth hair.

• Peony Flower Extract, Grape Seed Extract EX, Roman Chamomile Flower Extract, Glycosyl Trehalose, etc.:Deeply nourishing and repairing

How to use:
Step1:Take an appropriate amount and lather
Step2:Massage scalp gently with fingertips. Use with conditioner for better result.
Step3:Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, blow dry and smoothen hair with brush

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