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  • HERBS OF GOLD Selenium 150 Max 60capsules

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    Herbs Of Gold Selenium 150 Max (60 Capsules)

    Herbs of Gold Selenium 150 MAX contains selenium, an antioxidant that reduces free radicals formed in the body.

    Product features:
    • Each tablet contains 372.2 mcg of Selenomethionine which is equivalent to the standard content of 150mcg of selenium. This amount is proved by scientific research that it is neither lower than the body's needs, nor does it increase the burden on the body. Perfect for daily supplementation.
    • Selenomethionine is scientifically extracted from strains and can be directly absorbed with high absorption and utilization rate.
    • For different groups of people with weak bodies, who are prone to depression, it is suitable to supplement selenium, which will help improve resistance and establish good physical health.
    • Adopting Australian quality standards, this product is produced with strict testing. Pure product with high quality, more secure to eat.

    • Selenomethionine: improving resistance

    How to use:
    Take 1 tablet daily with or after meals with warm water.