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  • SASATINNIE Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask

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    Sasatinnie Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask (5 pcs)

    Sasatinnie special developed formula infused with multiple moisturizing ingredients and natural essence that can soothe dry skin, moisturize and retain moisture for a better complexion!

    Product features:
    • Enriched with different sizes of moisturizing ingredients, it can moisturize skin and retain moisture in the skin for translucent and tender complexion.
    • Contains extracts of Lily Magnolia, Rose and Witch Hazel that can moisturize and maintain a good oil water balance for delicate skin texture.
    • Raynon45 mask material with delicate and soft surface, can cover the face line perfectly and lock the essence for better absorption.

    • Multiple moisturizing ingredients: effectively moisturizing, retaining moisture in skin for translucent, moist and tender skin
    • Lily Magnolia, Rose and Witch Hazel: moisturizing and maintaining a good oil water balance for delicate skin.