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  • RAIP R3 Argan Hair Oil Elegance 100ml

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    Raip R3 Argan Hair Oil - Elegance (100ml)

    Popular Korean argan hair oil! Rich in omega-6, omega-9 and phytosterol,this hair oil repairs, nourish and protects. The addition of protecting ingredients enhances elasticity and lustre, creating shiny and smooth hair!

    Product Features :
    • Calming : Rich in Omega 9, Omega 6 and linoleic acid, argan oil protects hair from free radical attack, nourishes hair root and calms scalp. Moisture is locked in to densely repair damages.
    • Protecting : Rich vitamin E reduces oxidation, providing moisture and protection. Frizz and split are improved. Non-sticky texture is speedily absorbed. Conveniently used as hair oil and hair mask repair and hair strands and tips.
    • Nourishing : Nourishing ingredients including camellia oil contain high hydrating power to smooth hair strands; jojoba oil with rich vitamins, minerals and protein softens and brightens hair; avocado oil and olive oil repair roughness on hair; sunflower seed oil prevents water loss, improving hair condition.

    • Argan Oil : Protecting, nourishing, soothing and retaining moisture.
    • Vitamin E : Improving oxidation
    • Nourishing Ingredients : Smoothing, retaining moisture, repairing

    How to use:
    Take an appropriate amount and brush it between the hairline with your fingers.