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  • CLARINS Total Eye Hydrate 20ml

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    Clarins Total Eye Hydrate (20ml)

    Contains organic leaf of life to boost skin’s ability to retain moisture for a smooth and tender skin around the eye contour. It helps moisturize and boosts radiance for instantly brighter-looking eyes.

    Product features:
    • Contains organic leaf of life to boost skin’s natural hydration mechanisms to reduce the appearance of roughness and fine lines, leaving a smooth and tender complexion.
    • Enriched with multiple plant extracts, including White horehound, Furcellaria and Succory dock-cress, which helps skin fight the harmful effects of pollution with tightening effect.
    • The gel cream texture is moisturizing and refreshing as a 10-minutes eye mask or a sleeping eye mask for deep moisturization.

    • Leaf of life: boosting the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms
    • White horehound, Furcellaria and Succory dock-cress: fighting the harmful effects of pollution, tightening

    How to use:
    Daily skincare: Press gently with the pads of your fingers, starting at the inside corners of eyes, working outward toward temples.
    Sleeping eye mask: Use overnight 1-2 times a week. The other way is to apply on skin for 10 minutes, and then, remove excess product with a cotton pad soaked in toner.