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  • MOIST DIANE Shine Shine Shampoo 450ml

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    Moist Diane Shine Shine Shampoo (450ml)

    Diamond shine repairing technology helps clean hair and provide intensive repair while enhancing your hair’s natural shine like a prism!

    Product features:
    • Formulated with Diamond shine repairing technology, heat can activate the repairment on hair, like coating hair with a protective layer. The shiny coating layer radiates like a diamond under the sun with an anti-ultraviolet light effect.
    • Enriched with Organic ghee oi, Platinum gold keratin and plant extract, it can effectively strengthen and smooth the damaged rough hair for a shiny and smooth texture. It can resist UV, protect fragile hair and avoid losing hair color.
    • Mild formula can cleanse dirt and oil with dense foam and sweet berry fragrance for a charming and elegant finish!

    • Diamond shine repairing technology: repairing, anti-ultraviolet light and deeply moisturizing hair
    • Organic ghee oil: strengthening and smoothing rough and damaged hair
    • Plants extract: anti-ultraviolet light and protecting hair color