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  • POLA White Shot Inner Lock Tablet IXS N 180 capsules

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    Pola White Shot Inner Lock Tablet IXS N(180 capsules)

    The upgraded formula with improved antiglycation effect helps brighten skin for a brighter and whiter complexion!

    Product features:
    • Contains Myrica rubra S. extract and rosemary essence to evoke body's purification function with improved vitality, improving dullness from the source.
    • Enriched with YAC essence, it is an effective antioxidant with antiglycation effect that reduces dark, yellow and color spots and brightens skin.
    • New Micro Technology helps transform POLA licensed extract into a micro size which is easier absorbed by the body, effectively blocks the color spots, and brightens the skin.

    • Myrica rubra S. extract and rosemary essence: Vitalizing and improving dull skin
    • YAC essence: antiglycation and antioxidant
    • POLA licensed extract: blocking color spot and brightening skin
    • New Micro Technology: Multiplying absorption

    How to use:
    Recommend to intake 2 capsules with water in the morning.