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  • COCOCHI COSME AG Ultimate Ocean Moisture Mask 5pcs

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    Cocochi Cosme AG Ultimate Ocean Moisture Mask (5pcs)

    2-in-1 Botanical Care Essence + Marine Essence Mask effectively offers anti-glycation properties to hydrate and repair skin, leaving skin brightened, dewy and glowing.

    Product Features :
    • Hydrating : Premium skincare ingredients in rich content care for and repair fragile skin, collaborating hydrating and plumping effects from essence and mask.
    • Nourishing : Deep ocean water contains plenty of minerals to nourish skin from within, paired with botanical essence to improve dryness and provide lasting moisture for soft and glowing skin.
    • Vitalising : The addition of Hokkaido salmon placenta extract that is rich in amino acids, collagen, hydrolysed collagen and more skincare factors to balance water and oil, vitalising and plumping skin. Carefully selected lightweight and breathable mask sheet fits on skin and carries much essence.

    • Marine Mineral Water, Botanical Extracts:Hydrating and brightening
    • Hokkaido Salmon Placenta Extract:Vitalising, plumping and glowing.

    How to use:
    Step1:Take out essence from left top corner of the package and spread evenly onto face with thicker application on nasolabial folds or needy areas
    Step2:Apply mask on face. Remove mask after 15 mins and massage face until essence is absorbed.
    Step3: No need to rinse and apply cream to retain moisture for better result.