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SHISEIDO Hydrating Cream 50ml

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Shiseido Hydrating Cream (50ml)

Specially formulated triple hydrating complex acts with ground-breaking The Lifeblood™ technology and multiple botanical extract to energise skin from within to reveal glowing and plumped skin.

Product Features:
• Hydrating : Triple hydrating complex aids speedy and deep absorption of nutrients and moistures, creating dewy and plumped skin from within. Featuring 3rd generation Hyaluronic Acid RED, skin appears smooth and refined with lasting hydration.
• Strengthening : Utlilising ground-breaking The Lifeblood™ technology and precious extract to energise skin and increase moisture replenishing power, skin barrier is strengthened.
• Laminating : Rosemary extract effectively boosts skin luminosity.

Ingredients :
• Triple Hydrating Complex:Deep hydration
• Precious Extract:Energising
• Rosemary Extract:Radiating