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  • HARUHADA VB3 5% Gel Cream 50g

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    Haruhada VB3 5% Gel Cream (50g)

    Contained 5% vitamin B3 to brightens skin from within, this cream reduces pigment precipitation and balances sebum for dewy skin!

    Product Features:
    • Brightening : 5% vitamin B3 softens spots to reduce signs of ageing and blemishes, improving oxidation and reducing pores for enhanced skin luminosity to reveal a youthful look. Vitamin E fights against free radicals to stop dark spots from precipitating and firms skin for improved skin quality.
    • Plumping : The addition sucrose extract and ceramide retains and locks in moisture to slow down the rate of water loss, strengthening skin barrier for supple and bouncy skin.
    • Hydrating : Hydrating ingredient replenishes and retains moisture in skin to create soft and delicate appearance with reduced pores. Friendly and speedily absorbed low-pH gel formula without colouring, fragrance and other controversial ingredients offers a comfortable and refreshing finish.

    • 5% Vitamin B3 : Spot correction, reducing pores and brightening
    • Ceramide, Sucrose Extract:Retaining moisture, strengthening skin barrier
    • Vitamin E : Firming and softening spots
    • Hydrating Ingredient : Replenishing moisture and reducing pores

    How to use:
    Take an appropriate amount and apply on face evenly after cleansing and toning day and night, gently massage until absorbed. Use together with Vitamin B3 25% Serum.