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  • CHRISTIAN LAURENT Luminous Concentrated Serum 18ml

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    Christian Laurent Luminous Concentrated Serum (18ml)

    Christian Laurent innovative formula improves dullness; soften fine lines to reveal delicate young skin.

    Product Features :
    • Glowing : The addition of retinol brightens skin, lightens spots and fine lines, in action with shikimic acid to improve dullness for glowing complexion.
    • Vitalising : Enriched with vitamin C+Cg complex, this serum revitalises skin and anti-oxidises, fighting against early signs of ageing for plumped and bright skin.
    • Exfoliating : AHA gently removes dead skin to restore soft and delicate skin condition, evoking youthful skin lustre.

    • Retinol, Shikimic Acid:Brightening
    • Vitamin C+Cg Complex:Vitalising and Anti-ageing
    • AHA:Gentle exfoliation

    How to use:
    Apply serum after cleansing and toning, followed by face cream/sunscreen.