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  • CHRISTIAN LAURENT Luminous Facial Wash Gel 200ml

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    Christian Laurent Luminous Facial Wash Gel (200ml)

    Brightening starts from cleansing! Facial wash gel gently takes away dead skin, revitalises skin with brightening ingredient and anti-oxidising property. Delicate and luminous skin is well-prepared for subsequent essence absorption!

    Product Features:
    • Brightening : Patent Lumintense™ 4D White Complex contains triple brightening elements : arbutin, glutathione and nicotinamide to lighten spots and even skin tone, bringing glowing luminous complexion from within.
    • Deep-cleanse : Facial wash gel takes out impurities deep from skin. AHA removes excessive sebum and dead skin, brighten skin tone in preparation for subsequent skincare routine.
    • Plumping : Vitamin C+Cg Complex, D-Panthenol even skin tone and restore skin to reveal natural healthy glow. Youthful skin feels plumped and dewy without feeling of tightness after cleansing, facilitating skincare nutrients.

    • Lumintense™ 4D White Complex : Improving spots and evening skin tone • AHA : Removing excessive sebum and dead skin, Brightening
    • Vitamin C+Cg Complex, D-Panthenol : Restoring skin and evening skin tone

    How to use:
    Apply an appropriate amount on slightly wet face day and night, then massage in circular motion, rinse with water afterwards.