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  • SHISEIDO Future Solution Lx Total Regenerating Cream E 50ml

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    Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Regenerating Cream E (50ml)

    Luxurious night care to revitalize and brighten skin! Formulated with a high concentration of SHISEIDO’s exclusive component - SkingenecellEnmei and a variety of plant compound ingredients, it helps accelerate age-defending benefits and nourish skin for tighter and tender complexion.

    Product features:
    • SHISEIDO’s exclusive component, SkingenecellEnmei, that can encourage the vitalizing forces that renew beautiful skin from its source and improve its elasticity for a sculpted, youthful look.
    • A variety of plant compound ingredients helps care for elasticity of skin barrier, improve skin texture, reducing the appearance of dryness and aging blemishes.
    • Skin-friendly and emulsified texture, silky like a cream mousse, can blend easily on skin with non-greasy feeling and light touch, bringing you fresh scent and a sense of soothing and calming.

    • SkingenecellEnmei: renewing skin’s vitalizing forces for plump and smooth complexion
    • A variety of plant compound ingredients: care for elasticity of skin barrier, improving skin texture

    How to use:
    Step 1: Take two pearl-sized amount and apply to whole face
    Step 2: Apply the cream on cheeks, forehead, nose and chin
    Step 3: Gently blend from bottom to top, from inside to outside