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  • SANA
  • Soy Milk Wrinkle Lotion N 200ml

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    Sana Soy Milk Wrinkle Lotion N (200ml)

    Enriched with pure vitamin C, fermented soybean milk and double retinols, creating delicate, fresh and soft skin!

    Product Features :
    • Triple Moisture Sealing: soy isoflavones, soybean protein and essence from fermented soybean milk moisturise skin and locks in moistures, nourishing and firming skin.
    • Fighting Fine Lines: pure vitamin C facilitates the regeneration of collagen for plumping and firming skin, coupled with double retinols to relieve skin dryness, producing firm and bouncy skin!
    • Non-stickiness: non-sticky and jelly-like texture is rapidly absorbed, refreshes and plumps beautiful skin,!

    Ingredients :
    • Vitamin C: stimulates regeneration of collagen, firms skin and soften fine lines
    • Fermented Soybean Milk: moisturises
    • Double Retinols: fights against wrinkles and firms skin