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  • Relax Hair Care Set (Floral & Patchouli) 3pcs

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    Clayge Relax Hair Care Set (Floral & Patchouli) (3PCS)

    This limited set contains the unique plant oils and extracts to nourish and repairing hair strains leaving them smooth and manageable. Scent with soothing floral and patchouli, it is an enjoyable hair care experience.

    The set contains:

    Relax Shampoo (Floral & Patchouli) (500ml)
    It removes dirt and sebum from hair gently, providing a refreshing sensation. In addition of different plant oils and nourishing plant extracts, hair is nourished and repaired. With the soothing and relaxing scent, it stays on hair constantly.

    Relax Treatment (Floral & Patchouli) (500ml)
    Formulated with sea mud, Manuka honey and herbal ingredients, this treatment is soothing and nourishing. Damaged hair strains are repaired and strengthened, becoming supple and silky. In addition of mint, the mix of warmth and coolness provides you a spa experience.

    Relax Melty Balm (Floral & Patchouli) (40g)
    With the rinse-free formula, it wraps every hair strains with nourishing plant oils and honey, leaving them shiny and smooth. From time to time, damaged hair is repaired and strengthened, becoming more manageable, especially suitable to use before blow-drying hair.

    Common Ingredients:
    • Plant Essential Oil, Honey: nourishing
    • Hydrolyzed Keratin: hair repairing
    • Ginger Root, Senburi, etc.: improving scalp health