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  • JAPAN GALS 6 Detoxifying Enzyme 60 Tablets

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    Japan Gals 6 Detoxifying Enzyme (60 Tablets)

    This awarded supplement is formulated with 6 fermentation bacteria and 9 vital nutrients, helping to improve digestive health and boost metabolism, which are suitable for busy citizens for weight control and detoxification.

    Product Features:
    • Helpful in digestion: containing 6 fermentation bacteria, this supplement helps to boost body health by improving metabolism and blood circulation, allowing faster detoxification.
    • Weight-control: this supplement is helpful in breaking down lipid and carbohydrates. Weight control is easier with lower calorie intake from digestion.
    • Boosting good bacteria in body system: by boosting the good bacteria and balancing pH in intestinal system, the problems of constipation and bad breath can be improved.

    Ingredients :
    • 6 Fermentation Bacteria: helpful in digestion and boosting metabolism
    • 9 Nutrients: building healthy intestinal environment

    How to use:
    Two tablets a day.