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  • JAPAN GALS Lactic Acid Tablet 150 Tablets

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    Japan Gals Lactic Acid Tablet (150 Tablets)

    The chewable and tasty tablets are helpful in improving digestive system by boosting the growth of good bacteria, promoting faster detoxification and slimming effect.

    Product Features:
    • Improving digestive system: formulated with millions of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacterium, it helps to improve the digestive environment and boost detoxification, which is helpful in weight control.
    • Replenishing body nutrients: adding calcium and vitamin D, it helps to improve the development of the good bacteria, leaving the system healthy and balanced.
    • Pleasant favor: the tablets are with tasty yogurt and grapefruit favor and can be chewed like candy.

    • Lactic Acid Bacteria: improving digestive environment
    • Bifidobacterium: helping with digestion
    • Calcium, Vitamin D: replenishing body nutrients

    How to use:
    5 tablets once a day.