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  • Urea 9.8 Foot Cream 80ml

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    Derma:B Urea 9.8 Foot Cream (80ml)

    Preventing dryness and flakes for foot with this nourishing and smoothening foot cream formulated with 9.8% urea and shea butter. It is especially for dry and fragile skin.

    Product Features:
    • Enhancing absorption: with MLE formula, this formula is with composition similar to skin structure for a fast absorption of moisture and nutrients.
    • Smoothening: with 9.8 urea, shea butter and cocnut oil, it helps to soften skin and promote elasticity. The camellia oil, cypress oil and lemon skin oil help to remove old dull skin cell for a smooth skin texture.
    • Gentle formula: it composition is skin-friendly. With lightweight texture, it is non-greasy and penetrates skin fast.

    • MLE Nourishing Formula: hydrating
    • Shea Butter, Coconut Oil: softening skin
    • Camellia, Cypress, Lemon Skin Oil: removing old dull skin cells and smoothening