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  • EZZ Coffee Jelly

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    EZZ Coffee Jelly (18g X5)

    Formulated with exclusive formula, this coffee jelly contains Arabica coffee, prebiotics and vegetable powder to boost metabolism and digestion.

    Product Feature:
    • Enhancing catabolism: the dietary fibre helps stimulating digestion and relieving constipation. Arabic coffee powder helps to prolong the fat-burning process and hence more fat is broken down.
    • Blocking excess energy intake: flammulina velutipes helps promoting fullness and hence blocking excess consumption of carbohydrates and fat.
    • Balancing intestinal environment: fruit ferment enzymes and prebiotics helps boosting the production of microbiota and creating a healthier environment in digestive system.

    • Arabica Coffee Powder: boosting the fat-burning process
    • Prebiotics: balancing intestinal environment
    • Fruit extracts: stimulating digestion

    How to use:
    Open the bag and chew, one or two packs a day.