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  • SUM37
  • Water-Full CC Cushion 4pcs

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    SU:M37° Water-Full CC Cushion (4PCS)

    A set containing essence, base, CC cushion and its refill, promoting a hydrating and dewy makeup finish.

    The set contains:

    Water-Full Bluemune Essence (8ml)
    This essence helps to enhance moisture, elasticity, radiance, skin tone and texture. The lightweight and watery texture allows fast-absorption and generates secret power, leaving the makeup firmer and more long-lasting.

    Air RisingTF Dazzling Base (6ml)
    Gentle and lightweight, this base helps to promote natural radiance on skin for a dewy complexion. Enriched with natural fermented ingredients, skin is replenished with nutrients and moisture, which are beneficial for a long-lasting and firm makeup.

    Water-full CC Cushion Perfect Finish SPF50+/PA+++ (#2 Natural Beige) (15g + 15g Refill)
    Formulated with Anti-sweat technology, this foundation is especially friendly to humid and hot weather to cover blemishes, such as dullness and redness, gently and constantly. Enriched with natural collagens, Cytosis and nicotinamide, skin is replenished with moisture for a supple and nourished complexion.

    Water-Full Bluemune Essence
    • Bluemune: soothing and strengthening
    Air RisingTF Dazzling Base
    • Naturally Fermented Ingredients: smoothening and anti-wrinkle

    Water-full CC Cushion Perfect Finish SPF50+/PA+++
    • Cytosis: nourishing
    • Nicotinamide: brightening