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  • CUPFUL Green Tea Shake 7pcs

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    Cupful Green Tea Shake (7PCS)

    Added 6% of green tea power from Jeju, this tasty shake is with low calories and easy to drink at anytime, which is a trouble-free option when keeping fit!

    Product Features:
    • Convenient packaging: this cup-less design allows you to add water and shake directly with the bag, which is easy to drink at anytime and anywhere.
    • Helpful in weight control: with rich vitamins and protein, this shake provides a sense of fullness, which is good as an alternative meal for weight control.
    • Simple formula: this shake is safe and simple. Certified with ISO22000, this shake is free from additives, preservatives, colorant and food essence.

    Ingredients :
    • Jeju Green Tea: anti-oxidant

    How to use:
    Open the bag and add water until reaching the indicating line. Zip the bag tightly and shake well.