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  • Advanced Cellular Boosting Solution 60ml

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    Suisse Programme Advanced Cellular Boosting Solution (60ml)

    This upgraded Advanced Cellular Boosting Solution is rich in anti-oxidant BCC and nourishing ingredients, helping to brighten and rejuvenate dry and delicate skin swiftly, promoting absorption for subsequent skincare routine.

    Product Features:
    • Skin rejuvenating: formulated with the exclusive anti-oxidant BCC ingredient, this solution helps to boost ATP of skin and revitalize skin for extra radiance and vitality.
    • Detoxification: apart from boosting cell metabolism, this formula with pepsine helps to create a channel for skin detoxification and promoting subsequent skincare products.
    • Nourishing: the lightweight and refreshing texture penetrates skin fast to nourish skin thoroughly.

    • BCC:anti-oxidant and promoting cell metabolism