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  • Perfect Serum 3min Salon Mask Pack 300ml

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    Mise en scene Perfect Serum 3min Salon Mask Pack (300ml)

    With extracts of multiple plants, this mask moisturize and nourish hair deeply and make it glow.

    Products Features:
    • Extracts of multiple plants, like olive fruit oil, golden Morocco argan oil, coconut oil and jojoba seed oil, which help to nourish, moisture, keep hydrating, repair and tackle the drying problem in a mild and refreshing way!
    • Tackle 7 common hair problems in 3 mins effectively. Bring nutrients deep into your hair.
    • Protect hair away from tangled hair and split ends. Smooth and moisturize hair. Say no to dry hair

    • Olive fruit oi: nourish
    • Golden Morocco argan oil: moisturize
    • Coconut oil: water-lock and hydrate
    • Jojoba seed oil: Improve the problem of dry hair