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  • FANCL Deep Charge Collagen Drink 10pcs

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    Fancl Deep Charge Collagen Drink (50ml X10)

    Advanced version of collagen drink of Fancl! Enriched with rosebud extract, vitamin C and extra fast-absorbing collagens, skin is firmed and tightened with more moisture and elastin, leaving skin youthful and elastic.

    Product Features:
    • Firm and supple skin: the tri-peptides is tiny and fast-absorbing, which help boosting the formation of collagen fiber inside body, hence increasing elasticity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Replenishing moisture: the collagen helps to space up between cells for storing more moisture, while hyaluronic acids provides abundant moisture to skin.
    • Boosting skin metabolism: enriched with CoQ10 and other plant-derived ingredients, skin is protected against external stimuli, promoting skin metabolism and balance.

    • HTC Collagens: increasing skin elasticity
    • Rosebud Extract, Vitamin C: brightening and firming

    How to use:
    Once a day, shake well and consume after meal or 1-2 hours before sleep.