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  • L'Or Rose Super-Activated Firming Oil with Pink Berries 100ml

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    Melvita L'Or Rose Super-Activated Firming Oil with Pink Berries (100ml)

    Upgraded pink firming oi for a curvy body shape! Enriched with pink berries and black pepper, this shaping oil helps to shape, tighten and improving stretch mark.

    Product Features:
    • Tightening and firming: it helps to tighten skin and shaping body by removing excess water from body for a more profound body curve.
    • Promoting circulation: pink berries and black pepper help to promote circulation and faster metabolism, while the oils of sea buckthorn and rosehip can soften and smoothen skin.
    • Fast-absorbing: the dry oil texture is lightweight and fast-absorbing. The gentle floral and fruity scent is pleasant and promoting soothing skincare experience.

    Ingredients :
    • Pink Berries: tightening and firming
    • Black Pepper: promoting body shape and micro-circulation
    • Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip: skin revitalizing and softening