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FINE Japanese Green + Chia Seeds (Banana Flavor) 40Sticks

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Best Before 31/10/2023

Fine Japanese Green + Chia Seeds (Banana Flavor) (2.5g X 40Sticks)

Containing young barley grass, kale and bitter gourd grown in Japan, this supplement helps to stimulate digestive system. Implementing with sterilized lactic acid, the detoxification effect is prominent and helpful in relieving acne and bad breath problem.

Product Features:
• Providing fullness: the low-calorie chia seeds swell when dissolving in water, promoting fullness and hence preventing consuming too much food during diets.
• Boosting digestion: different vegetable extracts containing fibre stimulate digestion and help with detoxification, improving health from within and hence relieving bad breath and acne problem.
• Favorable: this banana-favored supplement tastes good with minimal grassiness, helping to detoxify and improve health.

• Chia Seeds: preventing consuming too much calories
• Water-soluble fibre: stimulating digestive system

How to use:
Dissolve one stick in 80-100ml warm water, milk or other beverages. Drink once a day.

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