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HELENA RUBINSTEIN Replasty Age Recovery Day Cream 5ml

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Helena Rubinstein Replasty Age Recovery Day Cream (5ml)

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of the brand scientists! This cream is like a ‘skin bandage’ for anti-oxidant, ant-wrinkle, soothing and hydrating effects.

Product Features:
Anti-ageing: Pro-Xylane is helpful in tightening skin and promoting collagen production, leaving skin firm and smooth.
Skin-repairing: the composition of vitamin C and E is prominent in its anti-oxidant and anti-ageing effects, implementing with cica extract, leaving skin soothed and youthful.
Nourishing texture: the cream is rich in D-Panthenol to form a protective veil on skin for constant nourishment.

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Pro-Xylane: skin tightening
Cica: soothing and repairing
D-Panthenol: nourishing
Vitamin C, E: anti-oxidant