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  • Vitamin C+ Alpha-Arbutin Brightening Antioxidant 30ml

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    Collistar Vitamin C+ Alpha-Arbutin Brightening Antioxidant (30ml)

    A concentrated formula for luminous and healthy complexion! The formulation is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin, leaving skin dewy and radiant.

    Product Features:
    ● Anti-oxidant: the stable vitamin C derivative is highly anti-oxidant, combating against free-radicals and leaving skin youthful and healthy.
    ● Brightening: Alpha-Arbutin helps to regulate melanin and prevent darkening of skin.
    ● Gentle formula: the lightweight drops are free from fragrance, alcohol, silicone and paraben, which are suitable for sensitive skin.

    ● Vitamin C derivative: anti-oxidant
    ● Alpha-Arbutin: brightening and whitening