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  • Folligen Shampoo 500ml

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    Dr. ForHair Folligen Shampoo (500ml)

    Specially designed by Korean Research Team to tackle hair loss and fragile hair. It helps to reduce dandruff, sebum and inflammation, promoting hair volume and strength.

    Product Features:
    ● Anti-inflammation: enriched with herbal ingredients such as Licorice and Sophora Root, skin is soothed and free from excess sebum which clogs the pores, preventing inflammation.
    ● Regulating scalp microbiome: yeast extract and probiotics regulate microbiome of scalp and promote its health, while Jobstears Seed helps preventing hair breakage, storing the thickness and abundance of hair.
    ● Dense and delicate lather: delicate foam is easily formed to wash away dirt and nourish scalp and hair, to promote softness and smoothness of hair.

    ● Sophora Root: regulating sebum secretion
    ● Jobstears Seed: preventing hair loss
    ● Yeast, Probiotics: regulating scalp microbiome