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Argyi Health Workshop 3D Argyi Uterus Moxibustion Patch 8 PCS

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Argyi Health Workshop 3D Argyi Uterus Moxibustion Patch (8pcs)

Formulated with natural herbs, this heat patch is designed to relieve menstrual pain, having a good conditioning effect with a simple patch.

Product features:
• Enriched with crocus sativus, licorice, panax notoginseng and argyi essential oil, it can relieve menstrual pain and discomfort of stomach, and hence, promote circulation of body. Become more energetic!
• With 12 hours of continuous warmth, heat patch makes herbal ingredients such as argyi, play a better effect, giving you a pleasant and comfortable relief.
• With ergonomic 3D design, it can tightly fit your stomach and back. Applying on other parts can also help relieve tiredness and improve sleep.
• Usage of non-woven fabrics is skin-friendly and comfortable, soft and breathable. No discomfort will be caused after using it for a long time, and there will be no residue after tearing off.

Ingredients :
• Various herbal ingredients: promoting body circulation and relieve the discomfort body part

How to use:
Paste the discomfort part of the body and continue to heat for about 6-8 hours once a day while sleeping or working.

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