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  • ORIGINS Ginzing Brightening Serum 30ml

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    Origins Ginzing Brightening Serum (30ml)

    Revolutionary “Caffeine small orange bottle” helps remove dead skin, minimize pores and brighten skin!

    Product Features :
    • Refining : 5.4% botanical acid complex formula includes AHA to remove dead skin, soften and brighten skin. Salicylic acid tightens pores and purifies skin.
    • Energising : Green coffee seed extract facilitates enzymatic activity to boost skin cells production; hydrating ingredients nourishes deep into layers, calm and repair skin.
    • Safe : Gentle formula without added fragrance, colouring, mineral oil, alcohol, etc. gives a peace of mind. Lightweight milky texture is easily spread, bringing orange scent to relieve fatigue.

    • 5.4% Botanical Acid Complex Formula:Removing dead skin and minimizing pores
    • Green Coffee Seed Extract:Boosting skin cell generation
    • Hydrating Ingredients:Hydrating, calming and repairing

    How to use:
    Step 1: Take an appropriate amount on fingertips
    Step 2: Apply serum on face from centre outwards
    Step 3: Gently massage to absorb