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SUNSTAR ORA2 me Breath & Stain Clear Mouthwash Natural Mint 460ml

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Sunstar Ora2 me Breath & Stain Clear Mouthwash Natural Mint (460ml)

The Famous Mouthwash! Natural Mint flavor; removes bad breath effectively and creates barrier to prevent stain accumulation.

Product features:
• With a stain-dissolving formula, reaches all corners of the tongue and mouth, kills bad breath bacteria that cause bad odor in the mouth.
• Helps to harden teeth and forming a protective veil against acid. Keep your teeth white and sparkling.
• keep your mouth long lasting fresh.
• Easy to taste flavour, no 'irritate' feeling.

How to use:
Fill 1/2 cap (approvimately 10ml), expel after rinse thoroughly for 30 seconds.