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  • Anti-Aaing Daily Serum 50ml

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    【Elizabeth Arden Anti-Aaing Daily Serum 50ml】

    Combating signs of ageing with this serum containing Idebenone, Thiotaine, Lipochroman 6 and Green Tea blend, skin is protected against free radicals and external stressors, rejuvenating young skin from the root and becoming wrinkle-free and spot-free!

    Product Features:
    ● Anti-oxidants: formulated with Idebenone, Thiotaine, Lipochroman 6 and Green Tea blend, the serum carries strong an-oxidant power, solving skin-ageing blemishes from the root.
    ● Reducing wrinkles: the lifting factors of the serum is tightening, leaving skin smoother and more radiant, revealing the power of youth.
    ● Enhancing skin resilience: fighting against free radicals, this serum helps protecting skin from external stressors, such as pollutions and smoke.

    ● Idebenone: powerful anti-oxidant
    ● Lifting factors: enhancing elasticity