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  • OLAY Correctiv-White Spot Fading Essence 40ml

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    PROX by Olay Series, recommended by more than 1,000 dermatologists, meets the highest international standards of the Global Derm Alliance*! Helps you to get rid of the problems of redness, large pores and dull complexion, to brighten, tighten and purify skin and begin rejuvenation process!

    Product Features:
    ● The rare ingredient of sugar kelp Phlorogine can interfere with melanin production, transform dark melanin (true melanin) into light melanin (pseudo-melanin), anti-oxidation and reduce inflammation. Clinical evidence, 28 days significantly reduce the red spot and stain *,
    ● Contains 5% nicotinamide (B3), which accelerates the metabolism of the stratum corneum, improves the dullness of the skin, repairs the skin barrier, and adds Sepiwhite to inhibit melanin from the roots*
    ● Doesn’t contain fragrance and alcohol, and its texture is refreshing and easy to absorb.

    *Data from Olay Official website

    Ingredients :
    ● Phlorogine: Interferes with melanin production, anti-oxidation and reduces inflammation
    ● 5% nicotinamide (B3): Accelerates the metabolism of the stratum corneum, improves dull skin and repairs the skin barrier
    ● Sepiwhite: Inhibits melanin

    How to use :
    Continue to use for 28 days, at morning and evening after the toner, before the cream, avoiding the eye area; it is recommended to use sunscreen product after use during the daytime