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  • Lanolin Oil Moisturising Cream 250g

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    【G&M Lanolin Oil Moisturising Cream 250g】

    Enriched with Lanolin Oil which extracted from the Australian Sheeps, this cream replenishes the skin with plenty of water and builds a moisturizing barrier to well keep moisture. It helps to soothe dryness and roughness, leaving skin moist and smooth.

    Product Features:
    ● Hydrating: Enriched with Lanolin Oil, it helps to hydrate skin instantly and build a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.
    ● Deep moisturizing: The lipid (oil) of Lanolin Oil is very similar to sebum (skin oil). Therefore, it has a strong penetrating power and can quickly enter the bottom layer of the skin to deep moisturizing the skin and also contribute moisture to the stratum cornuem.
    ● Lightweight texture: The texture is very light and soft which can be absorbed by skin quickly to soothe dryness and roughness without being heavy on the skin.

    ● Lanolin Oil, Vitamin E: Moisturizing.

    How To Use:
    Apply a proper amount to the entire face after cleansing and toning.