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  • ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex

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    Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex 

    10X Concentrated repair technology*, helps repair visible impacts of blue light! The exclusive patented ChronoluxCBTM technology*, combined with multiple anti-pollution defense technology, provides 24-hour moisturizing, 8-hour anti-oxidation* effects, solves problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, eye puffiness and dark circles at once!

    Product Features:
    • Brightening: Day and night repair, repairing the damage caused by ultraviolet rays, blue light, etc. during the day, improving the accumulated damage from the skin base, and reducing dark circles during 3 weeks*.
    • Long-lasting moisturizing: Experiences the powerful moisturizing power of hyaluronic acid, makes the eye skin lasting hydrated for 24 hours*.
    • Antioxidant: Multi-anti-pollution defense technology, 8-hour anti-oxidation*, combined with the ChronoluxCBTM Technology, can help promote skin self-repair and restore youthful, more energetic eye.

    * Data from Estee Lauder’s official website

    • Hyaluronic acid: Moisturizing
    • 10X Concentrated repair technology: Repair eye lines, edema, water shortage