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  • ISDG Dietgold Enzyme 120 Tablets

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    ISDG Dietgold Enzyme (120 Tablets)

    232 types of vegetable enzymes block the absorption of fat and sugar and facilitate the burning of fat, balancing intestinal environment for a slim figure.

    Product Features ĄG
    • Weight-loss : Containing 232 types of vegetable enzymes to balance gut environment and remove waste, visceral fat is burnt and figure firmed, reaching weight loss target easily.
    • Slimming : Miracle fruit essence and chestnut skin block the absorption of sugar and fat content and reduce appetite, taking away belly burden easily.
    • Efficacious : Traditional formation adopted to preserve the greatest amount of nutrients in breathable stone jar, slimming effect is maximized.

    • 232 types of Vegetable Enzymes including Miracle Fruit Essence, Chestnut Skin and moreĄGBalancing intestinal environment, blocking oil, fat and sugar, removing waste, burning fat

    How to use:
    4 tablets daily.