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  • OPTIM-EYES® (15ml)

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    Reduces dark circles, under-eye bag and fine lines, 360° reshapes the contours of the eyes! The moisturizing texture can be instantly absorbed, and a variety of scientific components work together to promote microcirculation and supplement nutrition, leaves the eye more energetic!

    Product Features:
    ● Reduce Dark circles: A matrikines + chrysin complex fosters the elimination of pigmented residue to reduce the color of dark circles.
    ● Reduce Puffiness: Contains powerful peptides act on microcirculation to decrease the volume of under-eye bags.
    ● Reduce Wrinkles: A trio of smoothing active ingredients containing hesperidin to remove creases from the eye area.

    Ingredients :
    ● Matrikines + chrysin complex: Effectively reduce dark circles’ pigment
    ● Peptides: Decrease the volume of under-eye bags.
    ● Hesperidin, Hyaluronic Acid + NCTF: Anti-aging, firming skin

    How to use :
    Apply OPTIM-EYES®, morning and evening, gently dabbing it around the eye contour with the fingertips.
    Store in the refrigerator to optimise the lifting effect.